Theme integration service

Theme integration service

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We can integrate your theme to work correctly with the PS&More modules.

Theme integration service is desired for integration 3rd party themes with PS&More modules. Your theme must be originally designed for PrestaShop 1.6 or 1.7 and be fully compatible with the PrestaShop version you are using.

This service includes integration of one theme. If you change the theme or update the theme version you need to purchase new integration service.

Depending on your theme some restrictions apply.

Some theme manufactures add different elements on the page in order to make their themes to be more attractive. Not all of these elements exist in the PrestaShop core and many of them are done in the different ways. There is no standard for this kind of functionality. We cannot know in advance what different 3rd party theme developers do. We support only elements and the functionality that exist in the PrestaShop classic theme. In addition, please remember, that some themes can be so complex or poorly written, that it can be impossible to support everything in a cost effective matter with a reasonable effort.

Please contact our friendly customer support team for more information.

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